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The London International Barber and Beauty Academy

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Learn How to Perform Crucial Hair Services in Greensboro, NC

The London International Barber and Beauty Academy in Greensboro, NC, provides an affordable program that will equip aspiring stylists and barbers with the training and certification they need to be successful. If you follow our program, you’re guaranteed to pass the state board, and you’ll learn how to perform all manner of hair services.

Reliable Curriculum

With over 100 graduates, we’re confident that our curriculum at The London International Barber and Beauty Academy is effective and comprehensive. For over a decade, we have helped students learn and become masters of their craft. You’ll be given excellent lessons, practice, and knowledge to become a true professional in the hair and beauty industry.

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Passing the State Board Exam

Once you’ve finished your education at The London International Barber and Beauty Academy, you’ll pass the state board exam with flying colors. We have complete faith in our teachers and know that our program provides each student with the information they need to grow, learn, and succeed. 

What You'll Learn

During your time in our program, you will learn how to perform a variety of hair services. From haircuts to shaving and hair coloring, extensions, and much more, with guidance from our professional instructors, you’ll master every skill you need to become a successful stylist, including:




Hair Extensions


Acrylic & Gel Nails


Manicure & Pedicures


Highlights & Lowlights



Permanent Waving

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Contact Us for More Information

If you’re a student looking to start a new career and learn how to provide top-notch hair services, The London International Barber and Beauty Academy can help you. We’ve been providing outstanding training to people for years and look forward to helping you succeed. Contact us to learn more about our program. 

(336) 375-5194